New to Lucites?

At Admento we channel a full array of talent, expertise and services into producing the finest custom hand-made Lucite--while providing the best customer experience.
When you first call us about your new deal, tell us if there is a closing dinner or an event date. If so, are lucites needed for the dinner or event? Let us know what the approximate quantity and overall budget is for this project. We create to fit your needs so this information will help us determine production time, price and design.

tell us about your client or event

. What's the main focus of their business? What product or service are they most interested in? If an event, what are you commemorating and who will be the recipients? Do you have any preconceived ideas for your design? The answers you provide will help us in creating a theme for your lucite, and for capturing the essence of your client, deal or event.

Send us the deal terms, text and logos

for your lucite project. For best results, we prefer logo files as "vector art" that are illustrator eps files with pms colors indicated. But we can also retrace logos and match colors from a jpeg or ppt file. Send us presentations, web sites, pictures--anything you feel will give us insight into your client and express the excitement of your deal or event.
We'll then make

several original design recommendations

for you to choose from, sending you layouts via e-mail in vivid pdf color. After you decide on a design, we'll produce a theme Lucite or standard shape sample at our factory. Then with your final approval, we'll quickly and carefully custom manufacture your order.

collaborate directly with your team

so that, together, we meet all challenges for each and every project's production schedule. With our ad agency approach to doing business, we brief you at every step of the way. We even set up a deadline calendar so you know when a sample must be ordered and approved to meet a delivery deadline. And we send friendly reminders to keep you on track.
At Admento, we understand that you're busy on much larger projects, and that mementos, while significant, are just one part of the deal closing process.

That's why we make the process relaxed and fun

. You'll always be able to reach us to respond to your questions and needs. At Admento, we take care of the details. So you can focus on your business.

You can count on us to deliver only the very finest Lucite to your event

. Our standards are known to be higher than anyone else in our industry. That means no mistakes, no careless production work, no shortcuts. Our factory carefully checks each and every Lucite, then sends them to our New York office where we further inspect your order. Your client will know how much you care and appreciate their business with a unique, memorable gift they will treasure for years to come.
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