Creative Theme Lucites

Praise an achievement. Celebrate a significant event. Make your client feel recognized, applauded, and valued.

Our creative custom theme lucites make stunning corporate gifts, embedments, mementos, awards and financial tombstones. Whether you want cutting edge design, a dazzling product replica or something more formal, we'll work with you to customize a memento your client will love.

Custom Lucites are perfect when you want to reflect a particular theme, industry, product or client. Each and every custom lucite we produce is in a class by itself. Because you don't just want any plaque, deal toy, or trophy. You want a Lucite that sets your client apart from the rest.

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Classic Custom Lucites

Elegant. Distinctive. Timeless

A classic Lucite, embedment or memento is perfect when you want to stay within budget without sacrificing artistry and innovation. You want something distinguished, yet surprising. Fast but first-rate. Classy but not expensive. And above all, designed to capture the unique essence of your client or deal.

With over 70 shapes to choose from, and by combining elements such as acrylic, granite, wood, metal, resin, and stone, we create a sophisticated, world-class memento and one-of-a-kind experience for your recipient.
Classic Lucite embedments and deal gifts are ideal for Financial sponsors, FIG, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, Private Placement, Mergers and Acquisition, Equity and Private Equity, Structured Finance, Municipal/Public Finance, Real Estate.
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